Captivate your guests with Unforgettable Live Music. 

We are live music artists who offer timeless and modern music on strings, and partner with DJs for luxury weddings and events.

Based in Pennsylvania with services available worldwide.

It's time to

You're working hard to plan an event full of meaningful moments and engaging conversations. In a world dominated by cellphones and everything digital, you want your guests to be fully present.

Will they look back and wish they could relive that ONE evening, when live music made time stand still?


Who knew your luxury event could feel like a fun Saturday night out?

Our musicians play a wide-range of music, from high-quality covers of your favorite songs to timeless classics.  Experience strings alone, or pair them with one of our favorite DJ's.

With 20 + years of experience, performing for over 1200 events, Sara and Julianna will guide you through designing an entire evening of entertainment. You'll feel better knowing that one company will provide


entertainment from start to finish.

No need to piecemeal your music entertainment.


Luxury and Boring don't need to be synonyms.

Vivace Live String Quartet and DJ

Vivace Live String Duo

Fiddle & Fray by Vivace Live

Vivace Live String Quartet

Fiddle & Fray by Vivace Live

Vivace Live String Quartet

Monkton Jazz Ensembles

Watch Samples Here

Live music should be engaging, unique, recognizable,         make you want to dance! 


real results

“Vivace Live musicians are extremely talented. We still have friends and family talking about them." 

"We recommend Vivace Live to everyone a thousand times! P.S. I work at a wedding venue and Vivace Live is a preferred live music vendor- for every obvious reason! I could not imagine working with anyone else except Vivace Live! .”

- whitney, bride


"Oh the strings with the DJ was perfect for our reception! 

" It's honestly the only way I would go moving forward. We are so thrilled with the outcome of the evening and all the guests commented on the music! Vivace knocked it out of the park.  

- melissa & jonathon, bride & groom


"The band kept the party vibe and created a warm atmosphere."

" I had the pleasure of working with Vivace Live when they put on a show for our Corporate Awards Celebration and they really set the tone for a great evening. With Sara on the logistical side, planning was easy and it went a long way in making this event a success."

- sarah, enersys corporation


"Having Vivace play for our entire wedding was amazing!"

"Our friends didn't realize they don't need a DJ. We all have the same complaints with DJ's: Weddings are one of the few times we get together but then can't hear each other talk. Our guests weren't into the "cha-cha slide" but they were thrilled to chat and listen to live music! And those of us who wanted to dance, could still dance!"

- genel, bride


Booking is easy

Book a Call

During our video chat, we’ll make sure we are a good fit for your event. With our online proposal and contract, signing both will be quick and easy!

Choose Your Songs

Customize your soundscape using our online portal and song list. We’ll work with you to pick just the right music.

Enjoy the Day

Rest easy. Your timeless, modern music will delight your guests. Those special moments will become  core memories



vivace live


An exceptional, immersive event must engage all the senses. Our clients focus on visual beauty AND a powerful soundscape.  

string quartet

live music and dj

fiddle and fray 

Duos and solos

monkton jazz 

 by Vivace Live



We will help you savor the                                                                     


Vivace Live is at the               of those magical experiences.                                                        


of your life.                                                                     


You've probably been to countless events where you felt like you were going through the motions, like you were there as part of the backdrop and walked away without any strong memories. 

But if you're lucky, you've also experienced the opposite, where live music made a moment so powerful that time stood still. You felt swept up in the emotions and you’ll remember those moments forever.

make it


most important moments






As a violinist and an avid party planner herself, our founder, Sara Irvine discovered the need for a classical gone modern, sound scape designer.


We had a vision for a performance company who converts the sound of vintage strings into timeless and fun, contemporary covers. Music should be engaging, unique, recognizable and make you want to dance!

Vivace Live String Quartet was created to solve one of your greatest party dilemmas. How do you craft an exquisite but fun vibe at the same time? Luxury and Boring shouldn't be synonyms.



I love that Vivace Live is part of the live music scene. They brought such a 

warm, relatable energy to our wedding.