Please feel free to reach out if your questions are not answered below. We are more than happy to help!

Q. Do you perform at receptions as well as ceremonies?

Yes, in addition to performing for wedding ceremonies, we also enjoy playing for cocktail hours, dinners, and receptions, private parties and corporate events. We have the repertoire, staff, sound equipment and musical variety needed for a whole evening of entertainment.

Q. Should I have music before my wedding ceremony?

We suggest prelude music 30 minutes before the start of the wedding ceremony. This will set the mood for your guests as they arrive and wait for the wedding ceremony to begin. Unless you have specific requests, the prelude music is often chosen by Julianna or Sara. We keep in mind the style of your wedding and choose the music accordingly. Prelude music is included in the pricing.

Vivace Live has a library of over 600 musical selections in all styles. We are constantly expanding our repertoire. If you request a piece that we don’t have yet, we can add it to our library for an additional fee. (Pricing ranges $120-$190)

Q. Can Vivace Live play a song which is not on your repertoire list?

Q. How do I choose the music for my wedding?

After completing our online contract, we will ask you to complete our Song Selection Guide which specifies how many songs we need for your wedding. The Guide will contain our full list of songs for you to choose from.  If you are unsure, Julianna or Sara are also happy to customize a set -list for you at no extra charge.

Q. How will you know when to start the processional music?

We will need a signal from the wedding coordinator or member of the wedding party when the processionals are about to begin. We arrive an hour prior to the start of the prelude, seek out the prearranged person before the ceremony and confirm the plan to ensure that everything is on cue and exactly how you want it..

Our musicians have become adept at ending the music at just the right time, so there is no need for you to time the entrances. We have planned appropriate cut-off points for our pieces to allow for a continual flow of the ceremony.

Q. Should the wedding party entrances be timed in order to finish with the music?

Q. I have always dreamt of having a solo violinist play for my wedding. How does this compare to the sound of a quartet?

Q. Will you attend our wedding rehearsal?

It is not necessary for us to attend the wedding rehearsal. Vivace Live musicians have performed for countless weddings and are adept in timing the music to the right length. If it is of the utmost importance to you for us to attend the rehearsal, one of our musicians can attend for a rehearsal fee (for local weddings only).

Q. Will you perform with guest instrumentalists or singers?

It is possible for us to accompany a soloist, however there are a few things to consider when planning this:
1) Please first check with your soloist to be sure he/she is comfortable with a rehearsal the day of the wedding. If an extra rehearsal is required, a fee for the rehearsal time will apply.  
(2) The accompaniment part must to be written for a string quartet. If we cannot find a quartet arrangement, we can hire one of our staff arrangers to write the music for our instruments.
(3) If the piece is not written for quartet, you may also consider hiring one of our pianists or guitarists to accompany the soloist. 

Q. What kind of set up do you need at the venue?

Our string groups' requirements are minimal. All we need to perform at our best are 4 armless chairs (for the quartet and 2 for the duo) and ample space, about 8 by 8 feet. If you reserved our officiant microphone or string amplification, no electricity is needed since we use Bose battery powered speakers. Our DJ and Jazz Ensemble however, will need access to electricity.

Yes, our ensembles frequently play outdoor concerts, ceremonies, cocktail hours, and other events. However, we do have the following weather limits. In temperatures over 70 degrees Fahrenheit, the client must provide shade. If temperatures drop below 55 degrees Fahrenheit, we must play indoors. We are not able to play in the rain or snow. 

Q. Will you perform outdoors?

Q. What instruments are included in the String Quartet?

Vivace Live's standard quartet consists of two violins, viola and cello. Upon request, we are able to exchange one of the violins for flute. which gives an etherial / orchestral sound. We usually book percussion with our string quartet for cocktail hours, receptions and parties. We find the drums add an instantaneous classy cover band feel, making our songs that much more recognizable.

We strongly recommend adding string amplification for events with more than 40 guests. We retain the natural sound of strings, by adding just enough amplification so our music can be enjoyed in any setting, without overpowering your guests' conversations.

Our musicians dress in black formal attire for most occasions unless otherwise requested. If the event is very formal or more casual, we will cover that topic in our discussions.

Q. Do the strings need to be amplified?

Q. How do the musicians dress?

Solo instruments are a great fit for classical music but if you want to hear covers of your favorite pop or modern songs, we recommend the quartet. Without a full chord structure, a solo violin may sound empty and will not replicate the original song you are used to hearing.