giving back

  • Sara Irvine's brother Keith (pictured here) works at Lighthouse Vocational Services. We love that their mission is to create Hope and Opportunity for persons with intellectual disabilities. 
  • LVS helps 200+ people to live a fulfilling life—a life full of acceptance, joy, and kindness. 
  • Whether it’s offering a job training, on-the-site instruction, community engagement or creative day program, Lighthouse listens to what each person wants out of life. 

lighthouse vocational services

Offering hope to those with intellectual disabilities

  • Served over 500+ couples since 2014
  • Comfortable yet mindful on the microphone
  • Creates an exceptional party vibe so you and your guests experience a night you wont forget!
  • Eclectic genres include: EDM, Classic Rock, Latin, Hip-Hop, Folk, Jazz, and much more

music for everyone

  • MFE identifies school and community music needs.
  • $3,600,000+ in grants and program support
  • 12,500+ instruments donated
  • 154 street pianos
  • Thousands of students and community members mentored

  • NSI provides physical, psychological, emotional, educational, and spiritual development through a Christ-centered focus.
  • Financial gifts directly impact the life of a sex-trafficking survivors at The Harbor. 
  • By donating, you help survivors live in safety as they receive therapy, medical and dental services, and education and training so they can return to the community and enjoy a life of sustained independence. 

Advocating for and supporting survivors of sex trafficking

north star initiative

We believe our music is MORE than just about entertainment. Its also about BLESSING OTHERS. We invite you to join us, in supporting people and organizations who we love in our local community. We are committed to donating 10% of our profits to the organization of your choice (below) when you book one of our larger packages.

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